Marketing Your Career


No matter where you are in your career – this industry is 50% skills and 50% marketing your business. Not only that, but this is a fun business, so even if you’re great in business, there is MUCH more to learn to sell yourself for the needs of your clientele. Getting yourself out there as a household name in VO is your top priority and we are going to tell you exactly how to get there. It’s Elley-Ray’s turn to put her marketing skills to the test and find out what it takes to upgrade to today’s business needs. Even the pros will want this one – whether they admit it or not!
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Beginners and Veterans – this is for you!

– getting Elley-Ray into the global market
– do they even know who you are?
– websites
– agents
– marketing is 50% of your business
– investing
– if you believe – you can sell anything to anyone
– the demo
– understand the audience you are marketing to
– keep it simple
– suit your personality
– logos
– creating your company name
– domains
– costs
– mapping your website
– combining your marketing
– train first
– google
– sites to get yourself on
– make sure you can follow through on what you promote
– what makes you special
– gimmicks
– trusting in your team

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