Learning How to Act


Whether you’re just starting out or in the midst of it all, there are many things you need to know. You think you are just reading copy, but we’ll show you how to mean what you’re saying and take the words off the page. Words are just words, we will show you how to bring those words to life.

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– breaking down copy
– working the script
– where to find demo copy
– read the script with nothing on it “emergen-c”
– rip and read
– audience/demographic
– understanding character
– backstory
– needs
– emotions
– storyline
– make a choice and go with it
– throw aways
– sarcasm
– client descriptions
– audition due dates
– slates
– how many takes
– keeping your takes unique
– re-do’s/rewrites
– creating stock characters
– accents
– status
– adding layers
– variety
– giggling/laughter
– predictable choices
– create your environment
– taking us through a journey
– believe the scene
– have FUN