Union vs. Non-Union


The great debate you want to be a part of. This is the most candid conversation about the union you will hear, from two pros who work both sides of the industry. If you are curious about the union, considering joining or leaving the union, this is the chapter for you. You may be shocked what you hear.





– where do you fit in?
– ACTRA vs SAG union
– past vs present
– non-union used to mean non-talented
– how the credits work
– location matters
– rates
– unions purpose
– non-union agents are growing
– benefits
– does the union really protect you?
– has non-union demeened the industry?
– learning to negotate
– know what you’re worth
– feed family vs morals
– our message to the union veterans
– different rights for union vs non-union
– when should you join the union
– scale vs triple scale
– buyouts
– residuals
– television national rates
– giving it away
– volunteering

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