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Join us for your monthly zoom workout.  Catered to both pros and newbies these 3 hours sessions will help take your career into overdrive.  Whether it’s the basics on your home studio, marketing & branding, Acting Techniques, audition skills, demo prep, character creations, Vocal health, Agents, Finding work and so much more, Get Mic’d knows exactly what you need to thrive in the Voice Acting Industry. Stay up to date and be apart of this SOLD OUT Event each month. See you at the MIC! )

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Go on a Shopping Spree! Treat yourself to an array of delightful VO Products, all available to help you THRIVE in Biggest Genre of Storytelling going- VOICEACTING. From Fabulous instructional Audio byte Chapters, to in-depth Video Workshops, Podcasts, books, equipment, acting techniques, merchandizing (coming soon) and so much more. Shop from the comfort of your own home and train with two of the BEST in the business.  GET VOICING!

The Ultimate VO Survivor - Take 3! Coming Soon!


Our fascinating new Voice Competition Series worth thousands in prizes.  We will be selecting the three best voices to take part in our Virtual Voice Competition each Wednesday Night in October 8-10 p.m., 2020! Who will be the MVP’s and WIN a fabulous array of prizes?  Join our youtube channel starting Oct 7th….

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Vocal Bytes

Time to VoiceOut and work those articulators, understand your voice box, shake up those muscles, work your mic technique and more, and the best part – IT’S ALL FREE!!!!  Keep coming back to the gym for new moves!!!