Taking Risks for Pros


article-taking-risksThere is lots of stuff out there for the newbie – it’s about time there was something for the pros. Think you know all there is to know? No matter where you are in your career there is always more to learn. Even the pros need training. We are giving away industry techniques that will change the way you deliver copy. Having trouble landing that agent? Need to break bad habits? Not booking the way you used to? This is the chapter for you – EVERYONE will want this one!


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– advanced training – taking the right risks
– playing it safe – getting out of your comfort zone
– complacency
– safe risks
– voice aging
– taking off your director hat
– taking out the reader in you
– don’t prove your choices
– reading voice vs speaking voice,
– hidden intention
– having a two way conversation
– opposites
– changing copy
– sometimes risks fail
– risks can damage your instrument
– voicing opposite genders
– lodge the pickle from you ass and let go
– take time to enjoy your story
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