Acting for the Microphone



Acting is a combination of broadcasting, theatre and film. The combination of all three allow for the most well rounded performer. Over one and half hours of acting secrets, most won’t tell you. Tips and tricks that will change the way you perform forever.
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– learning how to act
– understanding what voicing is
– broadcasting vs. theatre vs film
– improv
– skills you need
– bringing real life to the equation
– knowing your personality
– adding emotion
– having opinion
– involving your audience
– the moment before/after
– interpreting your script
– putting yourself into the clients point of view
– creative liberty
– life sounds
– monologue vs dialogue
– the aside
– transitions
– training will set you free
– being fearless
– taking risks
– marking copy
– energy
– don’t judge
– turn your director hat off
– be the puppet
– own your audition time
– do your homework, then throw it away
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