Pleasing the Clients – Deb Loses A Job

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Pleasing the clients – Deb Loses A Job

Even the pros need a support team.  Join us as Elley-Ray coaches Deb through a job loss experience and helps her decipher what went wrong.  This is a rare opportunity where Deb bares her soul in order to help you gain experience.  This is worth the price and then some. 

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– deb loses a job and bares it all
– taking responsibility
– taking out the announcer
– directors don’t always know how to direct
– women vs men directors
– confidence can get in your way
– trying to decipher direction
– naivety
– don’t know more than the people in the room
– not over thinking things
– the itty bitty shitty committee
– don’t apologize for your performance
– you are just the talent
– don’t leave the booth dissatisfied
– send a thank you note
– walking in and out of the room
– breaking the code
– internalize not externalize
– difference between tv and radio delivery
– dealing with conflicting directions
– you are not the character in the copy
– don’t rely on your default read
– taking out the perfect – mess it up
– don’t direct when you’re directing
– love it as much as the client
– women vs men 

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