Creating Characters (Download)


Creating Characters Zoomshop

Work hands on with the Get Mic’d team – Deb & Elley as they help dissect and bring your characters to life for today’s market, no matter the genre. Everything you do in Voice Acting is character based, whether you are voicing animation, narration, commercial or message on hold. Characters come in all shapes and sizes. Navigating your way through is key to your success and having a roster of characters to choose from allows you to offer more diversity.

This workshop will put your character skills to the test. Whether you want to improve on your characters, create new characters or learn how to truly let go and become a character, this workshop is just what you need.

Adding Layers with Impact

Logging Characters

Connecting To Your Characters

Lead Role Character Ideas

Advanced Character Techniques

Creating Unique Characters That Book

TWO COACHES for less than the price of one!

Let’s cluck like chickens, bark like dogs, howl at the moon and learn how to be the real you!
You will grow more in these 4 hours than you could ever imagine
Everything we do has Character.
Elley and Deb will take you through a variety of character breakdowns
Covering every genre from Commercial, Narration, Gaming, Animation and more

Understand how to add your special touch to the breakdown, take risks and play like you’ve never played before

This is an invaluable workshop worth every penny