Creatures and Others with Get Mic’d (Download)


Creating mythical creatures and others is an artform rarely shared
Dive in to the world of fantasy with two ladies who know exactly what you need to create impact
This is not for the weak at heart – this takes creativity, risk and an imagination far beyond the human mind!

Step up to the mic and create a world like no other!

Mythical creatures and Others
Supernatural animals, beings, hybrids and objects
that we bring to life!

Myth or legend, you decide
Step into the world of make believe with Deb & Elley Ray

You will spit, fly, cast spells, gurgle and create sound that you would have never thought possible.   It’s time to DIVE IN and test drive your ability to be non-human and take risks like you’ve never done before.
Enter the realm of fantasy working on an artform not often taught
Creatures come in many shapes and sizes and is required in many forms of Voice Performance.  We will take you into an entirely new realm, offering non-human sounds you will cherish forever.  We are only limited by our imagination
In this workshop – EVERYTHING GOES!!!!

Character Development
What is it?
Real Life Comparisons
Weakness & Strengths
Leave Behinds
Unique Qualities That Will Make Your Character Shine

Walk away with the skills you need to combat your way through this adventure we call Storytelling.
So join us soldiers as we WIN THE FIGHT!!