VO Survivor take 2



The judges tossed and turned, kicked and screamed as they took on the daunting task of choosing your top 3 contestants!

After much deliberation 3 was impossible, so… 6 Finalists have made it to the Grand Finale instead!

These skilled contestants will compete in ALL 3 VOICE GENRES with a chance to win one of 4 prize packages WORTH OVER $35,000:


Trip to Hawaii, Flight, Studiobricks Panel Kit, & Sennheiser 416 Microphone

The FINALISTS and their original audition:

Avery Luna

Maricopa, Arizona USA

Jaime Wells

Glendale, California USA

Jo Pickard

Yorkshire, UK

Vijayan Menon

Mumbai, Maharashtra India

Ellie Rodz

Miami Beach, Florida USA

Iliana Spirakis

Toronto, Ontario Canada

We have MANY MORE SPECIAL MENTION PRIZES to award!  So, make sure to tune-in to the Grand Finale. You just might hear YOUR NAME CALLED!  All winners will be announced via the live show next wed Nov 24th, 7 p.m. EST.   DON’T MISS IT!


Watch the LIVE Ultimate VO Survivor GRAND FINALE on Facebook this Wednesday night.
November 24th at 7 pm EST!

Meet our large panel of Grand Finale judges below.

Commercial Audition Compilation

Narration Audition Compilation

Animation Audition Compilation

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See previous episodes with special guest judges Cliff Zellman, Liz Atherton and Tara Strong !

“I watched the first half hour of the 1st voice over survival and got so many great tips from the first 3 performances alone! You were right, it is an amazingly useful source of feedback and learning so I will definitely make sure to keep up with the remaining episodes


Meet Our Contestants!  After 1823 auditions, 16,935 Votes and Over 97,000 views (so far)

“I woke up this morning on such a high!  From the bottom of my ticker, a thousand thanks for a fabulous experience last night.  It was great fun and so instructive, and I’m truly grateful for the opportunity to take part.  Bravo for creating this tremendous showcase to celebrate voice actors, and for so lovingly holding space for us to shine during these trying times.”   Joanne Lichtenstein (Narration Contestant)

Also congratulations to our previous winners

Mini prize package already awarded
(Worth over $122,000 in total)

First Audition

Audience Favorite

will be announced on our grand finale, Nov 24th 7-10 p.m. EST

How do you survive when rejection is a constant? How do you compete? How will you be remembered? Where isn’t there a voice? Do you know what a voice actor is? Do you have a voice? Can anybody hear us? Is there anybody out there?

This winning team knew the day would come when change required a new way of thinking. It is time to reveal what’s behind the mask and share storytelling with the world. A remedy that heals.

We are all a collective voice and it’s time to celebrate

Who Will Win The Ultimate VO Survivor – Take 2 ?
Thank you to all 1827 of our incredibly talented survivors!


The Get Mic’d Team

Elley-Ray Hennesy

U.V.O.S. Creator

This award-winning BON VIVANT, is a theatrical alchemist who awakens, inspires and delights all who witness her unique form of MAGIC! Elley is a union veteran to the industry and has traversed stages, film sets, television and radio studios for over 40 years, delighting audiences world-wide.

Elley-Ray will be judging all events.

Visit Elley-Ray’s website

Deb Munro

U.V.O.S Creator

This energy magnet is charged!  With over 30 years experience in the industry, this award-winning talent loves what she does and it shows. Representing the non-union side of the industry, Deb is a straight-shooter and loves to help others succeed and spread confidence to the world.

Deb will be judging all events.

Visit Deb’s website

Mr. Mic

Your MC

This incredible talent is a master of disguise.  Their names never to be revealed.  Much like “Charlie” from Charlie’s Angels, Mr. Mic will be a mystery throughout, to keep you guessing.  As our MC, Mr. Mic will help rein-in this wildly talented bunch and help us crown the next Ultimate VO Survivor.


Mr. Mic will judge all events.

Link? Yeah, sure. Like we’re going to give you a clue.

Deb and Elley-Ray welcome a panel of well-connected experts as


J. Michael Collins

J. Michael is an ultimate award-winning voice over authority. He’s a highly successful voice actor, coach, demo producer and organizer of Gravy for the Brain’s One Voice Conference U.S.A.

J. Michael will be judging all events.

Visit JMC Demo Productions

Tara Strong

Tara is an Animation/Gaming/Film Celebrity powerhouse! This dynamo is world-renown for her roles in the The New Batman Adventures Teen Titans/Teen Titans Go!, The Fairly Odd Parents, Rugrats, The Powerpuff Girls, Family Guy; My Little Pony, and so much more. WHAT HASN’T TARA ACCOMPLISHED?!

Tara will be judging the Animation/Gaming event.

Check out Tara’s IMDB page

Cliff Zellman

Cliff is an established Producer, Director, Audio Engineer, Editor, and Director of Talent Development for ACM Talent Management/Automotive Division. Cliff is also a dominant producer of Automotive and Commercial demos at A-mazing Demos!

Cliff will be judging the Commercial/Promo event.

Go to A-Mazing Demos

Liz Atherton

Liz Atherton has over 30 years working in the talent business. Currently, she is the founder and CEO of CastTalent, and CastVoices.  Liz was also the founder of The Atherton Group (TAG) talent agency – a successful boutique tribe of the top talent in the business that consistently landed in the top 1% on IMDB.

Liz will judge the Narration/Audiobook event.

Check out CastVoices

Rachel Naylor

What started as a small meetup with VO professionals, has turned into The Voice Over Network.   The #1 place for anyone working in the voiceover industry.   Rachel is dedicated to helping, supporting and strengthening the voiceover industry by creating a friendly and supportive environment for voiceover professionals of all levels.

Rachel will be judging the Finale event.

Visit The Voice Over Network

Ellen Dubin

We are thrilled to welcome back gaming-powerhouse Ellen Dubin, who is joining us for her second season.  This Award-winning super star, captivates and inspires her audience in everything she does. What hasn’t this dynamo done?

Ellen will be judging the Finale event.

Visit Ellen’s website

Erik Sheppard

Erik is a popular returning judge from season 1.  He’s a top talent agent and founder of The Sheppard Agency, a premier talent agency representing an elite roster of union and non-union voice talent from around the globe.  Erik is pumped and ready to join the U.V.O.S. team once again.

Erik will be judging the Finale event.

Go to The Sheppard Agency

Kim Hurdon

Kim is the well-respected, well-established Casting Direct at KH Casting in Toronto, Ontario.  For 25 years, Kim has specialized in casting and training voice actors for all genres of vocal work.

Kim will be judging the Finale event.

Visit Kim’s website

Dave Fennoy

Joining us for a brief appearance on our grand finale, we are excited to welcome back the infamous Dave Fennoy.  Dave is one of the most in-demand voice actors in Los Angeles. He is known for his versatility; providing voices for commercials, narrations, TV promos, award shows, animation and video games.

Dave will be judging the Finale event.

Check out Dave’s website